Non-fiction Writing

Non-fiction is where I found immediate success with writing, likely because I’d been honing my voice in journals since 4th grade. Twenty years of writing for my eyes only, meant I knew my voice. I was thirty-one when I first submitted something for publication. It was accepted, printed in real newsprint, and I even got paid. I took that as a sign I was on the right track with this whole writing thing.

My super-power is simplifying and de-scarying business in how-to articles. My advice resonates because I experiment on myself first and live what I write about—people connect with the authenticity and my direct raised-in-the-Mid-West writing style. On occasion my fantastical fiction skills weave their way into a creative non-fiction piece; I know I’ve done those right when people can’t tell if it’s a true story or something otherworldly.

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Missouri River in 2021 by Christopher Michel, Wikimedia Commons

I am Descended From Giants

The giants’ home is in the boot-heel of Missouri. They cast forty-acre shadows over the flat, flat earth where their family lives. It’s not Kansas flat; because Kansas climbs toward the Rockies and your eye is drawn up, up, up as you head west.