Crystal Whisperer – Spotless series #3 – Mp3 Audiobook


Format: Mp3
Lenghth: 11 hrs and 43 mins
Download format: Zip file containing all chapters.

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Perpetually foiled romance heroine Island Chaptal and reformed cleaning expert March – or is it Mr. November? – are enjoying a pleasant break in South Africa, after brushing with death in the inhospitable and platypus-infested mountains of Liechtenstein.

That is, until a commercial flight disintegrates over the Atlantic, killing hundreds, and Island’s supervillain dad makes the news as the mastermind behind the attack. Old Lion Dries is now on the run, and he calls upon his last ally – and favorite disciple – March.

From the streets of Venice to the turquoise waters of French Polynesia, March and Island embark on a deadly race against the clock to find out what secrets lie behind Dries’s downfall, and stop the mysterious Crystal Whisperer before it’s too late. This time, though, there might just be no winning against futuristic weapons, CIA agents, Roomba cats, (reluctantly) evil henchmen, and dads who won’t let you get your groove on, dammit!


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